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About Us

How you doing?

We opened the Café in November 2020 in the times of the "C" word which we all don't want to talk about! Since then we have been through two lockdowns.  The inspiration for our cafe is from the Friends, Central Perk  series. We want the Café to be for all ages and we think you will quickly take to the Café as a fresh new look and vibe. We want it to  be a standout amongst the other cafes in Harare.  We want it to be a  “home base” spot where everyone is welcome to meet individuals, join in discussions, and have a ton of fun over some extraordinary coffee (our own blend) our cakes and  food, which are made in house and we have a amazing team that are wanting to make your experience the best we can make it for you, your family and your friends.

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Meet The Team

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