About Us

How you doing?

We opened the Café in November 2020 in the times of the "C" word that we all don't want to talk about – since then we have been through 2 lockdowns.  The inspiration is from the friends series. We want the Café to be for all ages and we think you will quickly take to the Café as a fresh new look and vibe. We want it to  be a standout amongst the other cafes and spots in the city.  We want it to be a  “home base” spot where everyone is welcome to meet individuals, make discussions, and have a ton of fun over some extraordinary coffee (Our own blend) our cakes, drinks &  food, which are made in house and we have a amazing team that are wanting to make your experience the best we can make it for you, your family and your friends.

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Our Story

We are a Café that started with a vision of making a café with the same vibe as the series "Friends". As we all know most of the friends series is shot in the café with the famous orange couch.(We have a orange couch and all, customers are more than welcome to come in buy something and take a picture on it don't forget to Tag us on social media). The Cafe was a dream and the team at Chisi walk got together to make it happen.  Les the brains with the design and Mike the brains behind the building,  and they called in Chef Jai the brains behind the menu and the set up of the café, and ka pow "Friends Café" was under way. After months of talking and discussing everything started falling into place, building renovations, design of tables, design of the small little things, hiring of staff and trials of the menu. We opened with a bang to be let down with the dreaded "C" (We do not like talking about). We then reopened with new ownership, Jamie and Mohamed we added another element to our little Café, being halal and continued the adventure of the same vibe same vision just under new management. We are still in lockdown vibes so we are in between takeaways and sit -ins (depending on the regulations at the time). Our staff are always willing to help you to make your day and make you smile. Come in and check us out in the Chisi walk complex. 

Meet The Team

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